Our Neighbours and Friends

Our Host Families

Many of the host families for O’Grady School are our neighbours and friends. In rural Ireland, most people know each other. Because we were born here and have lived here for most of our lives, we are deeply immersed in this community, and we know many of the people. As a result, we are uniquely placed to choose the best possible host families, who will provide a warm Irish welcome for our students.

All our host families are visited and inspected by Mary, Aine or Niamh and all family members are vetted by the Irish police. We provide full training, and also hold a host family information evening for every family in June, prior to the course. It is important for us that students have a really positive, memorable experience with their host family, and we do everything we can to make sure that this is the case.
Students are placed with a student of another nationality in the family home. Students will be the same gender and approximate age, and we try to match them using the information on interests and hobbies provided in the registration form. If requested, friends or younger students may stay together.

Host families typically live in the countryside or in small towns in our area. Houses in rural Ireland are large by international standards, and most will have generous living spaces and large gardens. Public transport is not generally available in our area. Host families bring the students to school and to all the activities.
Students have their own bedroom, and may share with another student, but not with a family member. The bedroom will have a separate bed for each student, and separate clothes storage. Towels and bed linen, including duvets and sheets are provided.The host family will wash the students laundry.

Almost all families have internet access and will give the WifI password to the students on arrival. Students are encouraged to spend time with the family, and not to spend too much time on their phones.
Accommodation is full board. Families provide breakfast, a packed lunch for school, and dinner in the evening, as well as snacks as required. Meals are taken with the host family.

Students will be given information about their host family before the beginning of the course. This will include family composition, interests and contact details. Students may then make contact with the family before arrival. It is important that students let us know if there are any special requirements such as issues with food, allergies, medication, illnesses, dogs or cats in the home etc, so that we can plan home family allocation accordingly.