Cosa dicono i nostri Parenti

Dear Mary, Thank you so much for all!!! Ambra and Edoardo are returned happy and satisfied for the amazing experience in Ireland! All has been perfect: organization, hospitality, school, free time and so on… It’s wonderful to see them grown up and improved! I wish you a good summer!!!
Good morning Mary, It was a wonderful experience for us too and especially for Angelica who came back enthusiastic. She had a great time and had a great time with the host family. I sincerely thank all of you and your staff and a special thanks to you because Angelica told me you are fantastic !!!
Extremely good ! School ,organisation ,fre time ,host family teenager tutor and teacher !!!Filippo is the second year he comes and he wants to come back also the next! Thanks to everybody
This is always a great experience . this summer experience helped her to live in another country without us and meet a lot of people .